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Isaiah Insights #13

Warren E. Berkley – wberkley.podbean.com

“It will not stand!”

Isaiah Chapters 7 & 8

One of the primary themes in the next section of Isaiah, beginning with chapter seven – is that God is in control. Now, whatever that might mean to us today, it meant something very direct in the dispensation before Christ came. And this section of Isaiah is a prophetic supplement to the other Old Testament accounts of the divided kingdom period.


This was in the days of King Ahaz, who was over the southern kingdom of Judah. Remember, there are two kingdoms – the northern, ruled at this time by Pekah. The southern kingdom was under the rule of Ahaz.


Ahaz and the people of Judah were being terrorized by an ugly alliance between Pekah and Rezin, who was head of Syria at the time.


Rezin forms this alliance with Pekah and they proceed to put pressure against Ahaz and Judah. If Judah doesn’t bow to this pressure, Ahaz fears that he will lose power – and a putpit placed on his throne.


So, Rezin and Pekah plan to attack Judah and force them to help against Assyria. Here’s what Isaiah says. This is Isa. 7:7 – “It will not stand, and it shall not come to pass.”


That’s God’s control. It is God’s preservation of the seed nation through which the Messiah will come. And the lesson for us is simple: God keeps His promises.


As this historical narrative continues into chapter eight, the point is made – Don’t be afraid of the alliances of worldly empires. God will keep His promise. But you must reverence Him.


What verse in chapter eight conveys REVERENCE FOR GOD? Verse 13: “But the Lord of hosts, him you shall honor as holy. Let him be your fear and let him be your dread.”


Fear can captivate us, confuse us, distract us. There is a kind of spiritual fear that answers all worldly concern. Solomon said fear God and keep His commandments. It is that reverence that Isaiah was urging the people of Judah to embrace.

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