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Isaiah Insights #3

Warren E. Berkley – wberkley.podbean.com

Telescope & Microscope

Isa. 2


In the book of Isaiah, in the section beginning with chapter two, over through the next few chapters – there is something for readers to be aware of and careful about.

The text shifts from (Isaiah’s) present to future, back and forth. Sometimes Isaiah is talking about the present sins of the people during the reigns of the kings identified in verse one of chapter one. In other places, the prophet speaks of the immediate future punishment coming, or the distant future coming of Christ.

One way to think of this is – Microscope and Telescope. This study device is not unique to me, or originated by me. It is helpful.

By Microscope I mean, Isaiah is enabled by God to look right at the people in his time and see in detail their sins. This happens in chapter one.

By Telescope I mean, think of it as God giving the prophet a Telescope to see the immediate future judgments against the people. But also, to see the distant blessings that would come to pass through Jesus Christ.

In Isaiah 2:1-4, I believe Isaiah is using the Telescope – to see “the house of the Lord” that would be established “as the highest of the mountains” for people of all nations. People would be taught and invited to walk in the paths and live by the word of the Lord. There would be peace for these people. This is about Christ and His kingdom, the church.

Once Isaiah uses the Telescope and issues this statement of what God let him see, he says to his contempories: “Let us walk in the light of the Lord.”

At verse 6, he takes up the microscope to report what he observes as the errors of the present: evil compromises with foreigners, covetousness, idolatry, “the lofty pride of men.”  Using the Telescope again, he reports there would be, as a result of these evils, “a day,” of God’s response to their sin. God would express Himself “against” them.

So the prophet said, “Stop regarding man, in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he?” (Isa. 2:22). This is where we plugin self-examination.

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